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The drums of India are principally sacred, according to the five thousand year old history of India. The quintessential part of the music of the drums that precisely transmits the joy, smile and the wide range of essential emotions, is the primary factor and the real magic of “SACRED DRUMS OF INDIA” — thereby having a unique contribution to Indian rhythm and melody, and having a universal appeal in general.

Though the music pieces of this group have profound emotional values and, accordingly, named after divine sources on Hindu deities, the combo does have an amazing and enormous dynamism and entertaining impact irrespective of the age and generation of the audience.

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A synopsis and overview
  • Longing for Lord Krishna

    Raga : Bachaspati | Beat : 8
    A  jazzy style composition which is a fast and charming in nature with lot of interplay  and interlude amongst instruments, depicting the restlessness of the young Lord Krishna.
  • Pancha Tatva ( five basic elements of life)

    Raga : Jog | Beat : 5
    In this piece, five elements of the Universe are depicted as five musical beats…the composition is based on a five beat rhythmic circle — based on a deep and serene melodic form.
  • Divine energy (an invocation to Lord Shiva)

    Beat : 16
    One of the traditional practices of drumming is to recite and play the slokas(chanting) of different deities like Durga, Shiva, Laxmi etc…In this piece, after welcoming Lord Shiva with chanting and literally playing them later. Primarily, there are interactions of drums along with long and short solo parts, where the exclusive characteristics of each drum completely reach out to listeners…
  • Ganesha Vandanam ( Welcoming Lord Ganesha)

    Raga : Hansadhwani | Beat : 13
    As for success we pray to Lord Ganesha… Here we welcome the Lord Ganesha with the befitting melody of Raga Hansadhwani with a groove of  a playful 13 beat composition to match His strength
  • Maa as Shakti

    Raga : Bhairavi | Beat : 7
    MAA as the Mother. to respect the universal mother, Ma Saraswati — power behind all beings and music . here the item expresses the essence of both North and South Indian musical flavors.
  • Shanti ( the piece in today’s churning environment)

    Raga : Charukeshi
    This is a calm and serene in movements with a lucid kind of rhythm.
  • When drums sing !!! - Folk tunes from India (a medley)

    As folk is the origin of all the music, this medley reflect different kind of folk music and their rhythmic form from different regions of India… The melodious performance, finally, takes it to a climax through a classical music format with a high voltage interactive presentation to cosmopolitan audience.
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